NPS is an abode of learning that strives continuously to provide education of the highest academic standards.

National Public School started its journey in 1959 under the chairmanship of Dr.K P Gopalkrishna - National Public School - Rajajinagar & National Public School - Chennai, both established over four decades ago, National Public School - Indiranagar, established in 1982 and National Public School, Koramangala in 2003. Following the glorious lineage of the elite institutions will be National Public School,Kengeri.

The evolution of NPS from a bud to the fully blossomed flower that it is today has not always been smooth sailing. The metamorphosis has been possible due to the unstinting efforts, hard work and determination of the dedicated team headed by Dr. K.P.Gopalkrishna.

The Principal and staff of the school strive to emulate the high standards set by other world-renowned institutions and to make their mark as pioneers in education. They act as facilitators to enable students to grow into compassionate human beings with no linguistic or regional prejudices against their compatriots.

Our objective is to develop all round character of the child along with proper attitudes and academic excellence.

We strongly believe that two institutions play a major role in nurturing/grooming a child - the family and the educational institution. While the family makes the significant decision of choosing the perfect school, the institution makes sure that the child is shaped for all time.


National Public School - Kengeri is a progressive children centered school, driven by values, set in warm and caring environment, emphasizing personalized attention, upholding academic excellence and holistic development of each child.


"We care, we share, for the future we prepare."

Children are the backbone of our society .The future that we dream of today will be presented to us by none other than our children.

NPS is cosmopolitan in its approach and believes in inculcating the spirit of secularism and a liberal outlook among the children. In fact, all our students are drawn from multi-cultural and economic backgrounds that represent the country's diverse culture.